Help! My business account on Instagram has been disabled on sign-up!

To ensure that Instagram is a safe place for inspiration and expression, the social media giant has developed a set of Community Guidelines to help regulate the use of the platform. These guidelines require that users only post their own photos and videos, and follow the law, that they respect others on Instagram and do not offend or annoy others by use of spam or nudity. If these Guidelines are violated, users may have their content deleted, accounts disabled, or experience other forms of restriction. However, violations are not the only way for accounts to be disabled.

Instagram has taken precautionary steps to protect its users from spam by disabling accounts that are flagged at sign-up. If you’ve tried to create a new Instagram account for your business but are experiencing issues with logging in, or have received confirmation that your account has been disabled for violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, don’t worry – you’re not alone. This issue isn’t uncommon – but in many cases, the issue is easily resolved through Instagram’s appeals process. To get your business’ Instagram account enabled, just follow our handy guide below!

How to appeal your disabled Instagram Account

Part A

Step 1 – Download and/or open Instagram’s mobile app.

Step 2 – If your account has been disabled for violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, you will receive the error message below when you try to log in.

Step 3 – Click on learn more. This action will take you to another page.

On this page, Instagram will inform you that your account has been disabled for not following their terms. They will also give you the opportunity to appeal if you believed your account was disabled by mistake.

Step 4 – If you’ve just tried to sign your business up, or you’ve been able to log in before but believe you haven’t violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, click on the “let us know” link. This action will take you to a new page.

On this page, Instagram is just confirming that you believe your account was deactivated for not following their Community Guidelines and that this was a mistake.

Step 5 – If this is your business’ or brand’s account on Instagram, and you have not violated the Community Guidelines, select “Yes” to the question “Is this account used to represent a business, product or service”.

Step 6 – Hit “Send”.

Step 6 – Once you’ve hit send, a form will appear, asking you to fill out your “Full Name”. Type in the full name of your business in this section.

Step 7 – The next section you will need to fill out is your Instagram Username. Place the username of your business in that section.

Step 8 – Next, type the email address listed on your brand’s Instagram account.

Step 9 – Next, type the name of the country in which your brand / business operates.

Step 10 – You will need provide a JPEG of either your brand’s:
– local business license
– tax filing
– invoice
– certificate of formation
– articles of incorporation
– utility bill
– proof of domain name registration
– order fulfilment of documentation

To do this, simply take a photo of any of these documents. For great results, use a scanner app. A great app which is free for download on both Apple and Android is Adobe’s app ‘Adobe Scan’.

If these documents are already digitised, simply take a screenshot of them on your computer or phone.

Once you’ve got your document in JPEG form, submit it.

Step 11 – Tick the checkbox below your JPEG submission, confirming that “I understand that I can’t get help with my account if I haven’t uploaded a valid document supporting my business”.

Step 12 – Hit “Send”

Part B

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an automated email from Facebook regarding your appeal. Before the matter can be taken any further, you will be asked to prove that you are in fact the owner of the account.

To do this, you will need to reply to this email from Facebook, adding an attachment with a digital copy of any of the following documents:

-Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
-Tax filing
-Certificate of Formation
-Articles of Incorporation
-Utility bill

Part C

Step 1 – You will receive a second automated email from Facebook with a five-number code and some instructions. What you need to do is write that code legibly on a piece of blank paper, write underneath it the full name of your business or brand, and underneath that, you need to write the username of the Instagram account.

Step 2 – In a room with plenty of lighting, you will need to take a photo of yourself holding the piece of paper, so that your full face, the piece of paper with the code and your account details, and the hand holding that piece of paper, is all visible.

Step 3 – Reply to the email with the photograph attached.

The response time for appeals is usually quite prompt; after all, it’s in Instagram’s best interest to have legitimate users on the platform, creating content and engaging with and engaging other users online. So, you can reasonably expect to have your account re-enabled within 1-2 working days at most.

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