How important is having a social media content calendar?

With digital advertising set to account for roughly half the global ad market by this year, you’d be right to think that social media has never been so important for a brand. But it’s not enough to simply post to Facebook or Instagram. A thoughtful and considered strategy forms the foundation of every strong brand and successful marketing plan; and the same is true of social media. A solid social media strategy helps brands increase awareness and market reach, expand networks and build customer loyalty. And it all starts with content planning.

A social media content calendar is a great way to plan and organise your social content. Not only will you be able to work out what you’ll publish and when, with a social media content calendar, you can more easily track and test various strategies for optimising your content. By setting aside some time to create a social media content calendar, you won’t just save yourself a lot of time in the long-run, you’ll also create content that better resonates with your audiences and achieves your brand’s objectives.

Let’s explain.

A social media content calendar saves you time

It can be difficult, even frustrating at times, having to jump in and out of projects at hand to put together a post for social media. Luckily, there’s a workaround. By dedicating a set number of hours each week or month towards curating content for social media, you can produce more content more quickly than if you were to do them one post at a time.

In today’s day and age, we’re expect do juggle multiple projects at once – but the truth is, multi-tasking isn’t as efficient as you might think. Studies have shown that we’re more productive and work more efficiently when we focus on one task at a time.1 By sitting down and working out a content calendar, you can put yourself in the right mindset to create content that’s engaging and on-brand, and importantly, complete this task in the most efficient way possible.

A social media content calendar helps you to build credibility

Maintaining a consistent brand voice and image is important for building credibility. By using a social media content calendar, you can not only ensure your brand is posting regularly, but also visualise what you post. This is useful for creating a consistent brand aesthetic and also in ensuring a consistent brand voice is maintained across posts.

This is all important for establishing your brand identity in the minds of your target audiences, and also, for setting and establishing when your target audience will hear from you. Credibility is built when you set your audience’s expectations and also meet them. It’s through credibility that your target audience will be able feel connected with your brand – and a social media content calendar will help you achieve that.

A social media content calendar keeps you organised

One of the biggest reasons for using a social media content calendar is organisation. A content calendar is one of the easiest ways to keep organised; you can take stock of what you’ve published and when, and help you get a better perspective of your overall brand and/or marketing strategy.

This organisation will help you to align things like your blog post topics with your social media posts – and also help you work out an appropriate distribution of content to keep your followers engaged and interested. It’s important to remember, writing the same thing over and over again isn’t just lacklustre for you – it’s uninspiring for your followers too.

Having a content calendar will also help prevent you from missing the mark – or worse – a deadline. An added bonus is that you’ll never have to worry about getting busy or distracted with other tasks, because with content planning, you’ll be covered for a rainy day.

Social media content calendars don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to put together. However, a considered approach to curating content for your social media accounts is certainly worth the time and effort.

Need a hand putting together a social media content calendar? Get in touch! Whatever your brand has to say with social media, at Social Weaver, we can help you tell your story.


  1. University of Southern California
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